Sedation Dentistry

We want to address your concerns in order to provide a predictable and comfortable treatment!

At Kali Smiles Kids we offer a variety of general pediatric dental services. We treat all of our patients like family in a professional and calm environment.

We can use sedation dentistry to treat our patients who present special challenges related to their age, behavior, medical conditions, or any other special needs. To address these challenges effectively in order to provide “predictable” treatment, we may recommend treating your child using controlled general anesthesia or nitrous oxide. By virtue of training and experience, our practice is qualified to recognize the indications for such an approach and to render such care.

We will be sure to discuss all the necessary steps that must be taken in order to promptly and safely complete your child’s dental treatment after this treatment option has been chosen.

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Insurance & Billing

Attaining the smile you’ve always wanted is as important to you as it is to us, and helping you affordably achieve that smile is our main goal. We are preferred providers for numerous plans including most PPOs and our fees are often equivalent or similar to those allowable under other preferred provider arrangements. Ask for assistance from our front office staff if you have any questions about your specific plan.

Why Choose Kali Smiles Kids

At Kali Smiles Kids, we’re thrilled to provide families with quality, specialized dental care in a modern and inviting space. From infants to adolescents, we approach pediatric dentistry in a way that’s engaging, positive, and delightfully informative, so your child can take pride in their healthy smiles for life.
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